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CSYHA offers two session of Learn to Play.  Session 1 runs Mid-October though Late December and session 2 runs early January through early March. 

Registration for both sessions of Learn to Play typically opens around Labor Day and is performed online.   Discounts are given for those of register for both sessions, if you register for only one to try it and want to continue the discount can still be applied.  

LTP sessions are usually Forty-five minutes in duration both Saturday mornings (typically 9:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m.) and Monday nights (6:15 p.m.).   No prior skating or hockey experience is necessary. Teaching kids how to skate is what we do!   
Our focus is providing a fun, safe, and exciting experience for all kids to learn how to skate and to begin learning the basic skills of ice hockey.   We will play some “hockey” the last ice time of Session 1 and the last few Saturday ice slots of Session 2. These games are NOT our focus. Our focus is F- U-N! We may add in a little skill development along the way.   

What You Need for LTP Sessions

Most kids who attend LTP sessions do wear full hockey gear.  This includes:

  • Hockey Helmet (Required)
  • Hockey Skates (Required)
  • Shin Pads 
  • Elbow Pads
  • Hockey Pants
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Stick

Most of the LTP session are focused on skating skills and building balance and leg/foot strength.  Removing the stick from the equation forces them to rely on their own balance.  Instructors vary drill and kids progress and over the course of the sessions you will find that kids move from group to group based on skill advancing groups as they work.


 Kids who work hard, push themselves outside of their comfort zone and have fun find progress faster and have a good chance of finding themselves on regular season teams quicker.


Good luck on the ice!

LTP Instructors

As your kids attend LTP you will see a varying group of instructors.  All are volunteers and experienced at different levels of Hockey.  Normally our Director of Youth Hockey is the key leader and he leverages both board members as well as various coaches and Asst. coaches from the CSYHA teams as may be available that day to help out.    


Additionally you will normally see a group of kids age 13-18 on the ice that are CSYHA players that also play High School Hockey for Cazenovia High School.  They are at the rink between HS practices waiting for CSYHA Bantam or Midget practices and they volunteer in their free time if they do not have too much homework to work with the LTP kids.  


Additionally, you will see some young adults out on the ice that are either SUNY Morrisvlle Ice Hockey Players and sometimes you will catch or coach or asst coach from the team.  

LTP is a community event and there is always a need for help on the ice.  Do not hesitate to thank the many volunteers that help the LTP program and should you want to help out on the ice you are more than welcome, just let the LTP coordinator know and we will get you started with the requirements for being on the ice.

2019-2020 18U Midget Snowbelt Champions

CSYHA Returning to Hockey Soon!

By Webmaster 06/16/2020, 3:30pm EDT

CSYHA Information on Return to Play 2020-21 Season

Center State Families and Fan’s,

Please be advised that CSYHA is working behind the scenes and has been for the past few months to stay on top of USA Hockey and NYSAHA guidance as well as working to understand the NY State and SUNY implications that we have as we play out of the SUNY Morrisville IcePlex.  We have been working with the Morrisville Auxiliary Corp (MAC) and have a pending meeting with them to discuss implications on NYS and SUNY openings on CSYHA. 

SUNY IcePlex

It is expected that the rink will be allowed to open shortly however please note that the closure of the SUNY systems and campuses allowed for the IcePlex to decide to make a few changes to both rinks in the down time, normally they only modify one rink in the off-season.  Most summers they elect to close one rink to make upgrades and leave the other ice sheet open as to facilitate camps, school teams, and adult sessions.  Currently we understand that maintenance will not be completed until later in July so ice may not be available until that time.  More to come on this!


As with most things in life we all have our ebb-and-flow to the cycles in which things go.  CSYHA had been growing as of the last season or two and we do not want to lose that momentum.  We still plan to put the following teams on the ice this season and if numbers rise we do plan to adjust and facilitate additional teams if we get more players.

  • MITE (planning for 2-3 teams at least)
  • Squirt House
  • Squirt Travel/Independent
  • Pee Wee House
  • Bantam House
  • 18U Midget House
  • 18U Wrap (this team will start as soon as ice is in the IcePlex)



If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact the CSYHA President, Chris, at  We are all here to help and look to continue the upward trend of growth that we have seen in CSYHA hockey in the past season or two.

NOTE: The image used in this article was from the 18U Snowbelt Championship hosted at Center State (SUNY IcePlex) this past season. To all of our seniors and players aging out we wish you the best and you will all be missed!

Thank you,



CSYHA Hosting 18U Wrap Team

By Webmaster 05/31/2020, 12:00pm EDT

Stay Tuned to for updated information

CSYHA will be hosing a 18U Wrap team for the 2020-21 season.  Given the current COVID-19 situation and restrictions from USA Hockey and NYSAHA we have been holding back announcing this opportunity but we are moving forward under the restrictions of the governing body.

If you would like more information on the 18U wrap team please contact Dave Grzeszczuk or feel free to email the administrator at who can help you get answers.

Guidance from USA Hockey, NYSAHA, NY State Forward and CSYHA is still coming out but we will be aligned with other Wrap teams as they all head out for the 2020-21 season.  

We hope to see you all at the rink!




USA Hockey Return to Rinks Information

By Webmaster 05/31/2020, 11:45am EDT

USA Hockey posting information on getting back on the ice

CSYHA Families,

Please be aware that USA Hockey, NY State and CSYHA are all looking at the current state of affairs to determine when we can get back to the rink.

For up to date information from USA Hockey please visit for up to date recommendations.  

For up to date information on the NY state opening visit

For up to date information from CSYHA please stop back to our website.

As we play out of SUNY Morrisville please note that CSYHA will be working within the confines of the SUNY system.  We all want to get back to the ice but we have to work within the confines of the NY state decisions.  We know it is frustrating to not have access to the ice but please know NYS and CSYHA are both concerned with making sure your players/kids are safe when they turn.  We are lucky to be hosted by SUNY Morrisville and the MAC (Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation) but it does come with additional requirements. 

Please know that we are looking at every option for next season from a normal season, to a shortened season to everything in between.  If anyone has question please contact us <click here>.   We will work to get you answers but please know we are staying on top of all federal, state, college and USA hockey updates and like you want to get back to the ice.

Thank you,

CSYHA Board