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CSYHA offers two session of Learn to Play.  Session 1 runs Mid-October though Late December and session 2 runs early January through early March. 

Registration for both sessions of Learn to Play typically opens around Labor Day and is performed online.   Discounts are given for those of register for both sessions, if you register for only one to try it and want to continue the discount can still be applied.  

LTP sessions are usually Forty-five minutes in duration both Saturday mornings (typically 9:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m.) and Monday nights (6:15 p.m.).   No prior skating or hockey experience is necessary. Teaching kids how to skate is what we do!   
Our focus is providing a fun, safe, and exciting experience for all kids to learn how to skate and to begin learning the basic skills of ice hockey.   We will play some “hockey” the last ice time of Session 1 and the last few Saturday ice slots of Session 2. These games are NOT our focus. Our focus is F- U-N! We may add in a little skill development along the way.   

What You Need for LTP Sessions

Most kids who attend LTP sessions do wear full hockey gear.  This includes:

  • Hockey Helmet (Required)
  • Hockey Skates (Required)
  • Shin Pads 
  • Elbow Pads
  • Hockey Pants
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Stick

Most of the LTP session are focused on skating skills and building balance and leg/foot strength.  Removing the stick from the equation forces them to rely on their own balance.  Instructors vary drill and kids progress and over the course of the sessions you will find that kids move from group to group based on skill advancing groups as they work.


 Kids who work hard, push themselves outside of their comfort zone and have fun find progress faster and have a good chance of finding themselves on regular season teams quicker.


Good luck on the ice!

Learn to Play Update

By Admin 10/26/2020, 9:00am EDT

To Center State Learn to Play Families,
The disruptions and abnormalities continue leaving Center State Youth Hockey’s Learn to Play program on hold. We’d love to say “on hold until further notice” but we have no idea when we’ll be able to take the ice at our home rink, The Ice Plex at SUNY Morrisville. SUNY Morrisville, as all other public and private schools, colleges and universities, have strictly restricted campus activities to students, faculty and staff…..No outside entities. This leaves CSYHA without a home rink. Our teams comprised of older players have been able to secure practice ice at other rinks in the regions (Utica, Whitestown, Lysander, etc). While we are very thankful to have found ice, it comes at great expense in terms of increased cost for ice rental compared to our rates at the Ice Plex and significantly greater time commitments for the families. The CSYHA board does not feel it is realistic to conduct a Learn To Play program at a rink 30-60 minutes away from our home rink for a 45 minute LTP session. Most of the participants are 4-6 years old, so increasing the length of practice actually becomes counterproductive.
CSYHA and SUNY Morrisville are aligned with safety being the highest priority. The entire CSYHA family and the board of directors remain hopeful we’ll be allowed to return to the Ice Plex for some of the 2020-21 season when it is safe to do so. When this will happen remains unknown.
We are hopeful for a good old fashioned upstate NY winter so we utilize some of the outdoor rinks in our various communities. If mother nature cooperates (and we are not restricted by any of the municipalities) CSYHA will host some free Learn to Play sessions. Obviously way too many variables to make any firm plans but stay tuned for details.
If there is way to conduct a LTP program for any part of the 20-21 season, CSYHA will find a way to do it. We’ll share information as soon as it become available.
If you have any questions, concerns or would like further discussion, please feel free to contact our LTP coordinator, Jim Frazee (cell: 315-440-2745 or
See you at the Rink! (someday).


By Admin 10/23/2020, 4:15pm EDT

Our Stampede teams are off and running

Our Stampede teams are off and running (pun intended! LOL). Practices have been happening all month long at rinks in Central New York and, while not always convenient, these rinks have offered our players, coaches and families what they have missed most… being on the ice! We both applaud and appreciate the flexibility of our families as we continue to book ice for the month of November. Please check with your coaches for updated practice schedules and locations, as they should be available soon.
This week, it was announced that SUNYAC is canceling all winter sports, so we are fairly confident that we may not be returning to the IcePlex this year. With no college games taking place, it’s unlikely they will continue operating the rink at full steam. We have not received official word on this and anticipate we will have news from MAC/IcePlex management next week, but in the spirit of transparency we wanted to keep you updated. THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE WILL NEVER RETURN TO THE ICEPLEX!!!! This also DOESN’T mean anything will happen to the Center State Youth Hockey organization. We are devoted to bringing youth hockey to this area and will continue to do so as long as we have players who want to play!

Practice Update for October Only

By Admin 09/24/2020, 9:30pm EDT

* Ice has been secured for practices for the month of October (we are waiting on times to be confirmed)
* Practices will be held ON THE WEEKEND
* Mites, Squirts, and PeeWee teams will practice at Lysander and Utica
* Midgets will practice at Whitestown
* SUNY Morrisville is revisiting their "no visitor" policy on October 5th so we will have a better idea of what the next few months will bring.  If we are able to go back to the IcePlex, we will do so beginning November 1 and resume a practice schedule similar to last year.  If we are unable to return to the IcePlex, we will provide you with practice schedules and locations at that time.
* As always, please reach out to president Chris Lott via phone (315-368-7288) or communications director Heather Howard via text (315-436-3341)

2019-2020 18U Midget Snowbelt Champions

LTP Instructors

As your kids attend LTP you will see a varying group of instructors.  All are volunteers and experienced at different levels of Hockey.  Normally our Director of Youth Hockey is the key leader and he leverages both board members as well as various coaches and Asst. coaches from the CSYHA teams as may be available that day to help out.    


Additionally you will normally see a group of kids age 13-18 on the ice that are CSYHA players that also play High School Hockey for Cazenovia High School.  They are at the rink between HS practices waiting for CSYHA Bantam or Midget practices and they volunteer in their free time if they do not have too much homework to work with the LTP kids.  


Additionally, you will see some young adults out on the ice that are either SUNY Morrisvlle Ice Hockey Players and sometimes you will catch or coach or asst coach from the team.  

LTP is a community event and there is always a need for help on the ice.  Do not hesitate to thank the many volunteers that help the LTP program and should you want to help out on the ice you are more than welcome, just let the LTP coordinator know and we will get you started with the requirements for being on the ice.