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CSYHA Hosing 18U Wrap Team

By Webmaster 05/31/2020, 12:00pm EDT

Stay Tuned to for updated information

CSYHA will be hosing a 18U Wrap team for the 2020-21 season.  Given the current COVID-19 situation and restrictions from USA Hockey and NYSAHA we have been holding back announcing this opportunity but we are moving forward under the restrictions of the governing body.

If you would like more information on the 18U wrap team please contact Dave Grzeszczuk or feel free to email the administrator at who can help you get answers.

Guidance from USA Hockey, NYSAHA, NY State Forward and CSYHA is still coming out but we will be aligned with other Wrap teams as they all head out for the 2020-21 season.  

We hope to see you all at the rink!




USA Hockey Return to Rinks Information

By Webmaster 05/31/2020, 11:45am EDT

USA Hockey posting information on getting back on the ice

CSYHA Families,

Please be aware that USA Hockey, NY State and CSYHA are all looking at the current state of affairs to determine when we can get back to the rink.

For up to date information from USA Hockey please visit for up to date recommendations.  

For up to date information on the NY state opening visit

For up to date information from CSYHA please stop back to our website.

As we play out of SUNY Morrisville please note that CSYHA will be working within the confines of the SUNY system.  We all want to get back to the ice but we have to work within the confines of the NY state decisions.  We know it is frustrating to not have access to the ice but please know NYS and CSYHA are both concerned with making sure your players/kids are safe when they turn.  We are lucky to be hosted by SUNY Morrisville and the MAC (Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation) but it does come with additional requirements. 

Please know that we are looking at every option for next season from a normal season, to a shortened season to everything in between.  If anyone has question please contact us <click here>.   We will work to get you answers but please know we are staying on top of all federal, state, college and USA hockey updates and like you want to get back to the ice.

Thank you,

CSYHA Board 



Coaching Female Hockey Players

By CSYHA 18U Coach 04/15/2020, 12:45pm EDT

USA Hockey Guide Released

The following is a reprint from a USA Hockey Email to Coaches.  This said, after a full generation of coaching both male and female hockey players it is worth noting that there is a different, both mentally and physically.  If you are coaching female athletes thinking they are just like your male athletes you are missing the boat.

Maybe your female athletes are not maturing like the boys but that is the reason for this.  Chances are they are mentally seeing more before the boys, but physically maturing later.  Also, maybe they are more susceptible to specific injuries at different points in their development.  If you have ever wondered this, you were right to.  Take a look at this guide to help your teams by knowing that there is a difference in the development of players between the sexes. Read, learn, and use it to your teams’ advantage!

Are you starting to coach girls' hockey? Do you have female hockey players on your youth team? Are you a hockey director of a female hockey organization looking for a resource for your new incoming coaches?

USA Hockey Coaching Education Program has created a new resource material just for you. Coaching Female Hockey Players addresses topics such as:

  • Do girls and boys need to be coached differently?
  • How to prevent injuries that are prevalent for female hockey players.

The book also contains a Q&A with a hockey director of a girls hockey organization and three practice plans from the USA Hockey Girls National Development Camp. Included in this book are other resources and online links to help create a girl-centered environment among your team/association.

This resource is free and can be downloaded from the USA Hockey website at