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Team Manager Resources


Welcome and THANK YOU for volunteering to be a team manager for the 2015-2016 season.  As a manager, you will coordinate many of the off ice activities for your team and it is recommended that you recruit others as needed to assist you.  Your position is very important! Work directly with the coach and make sure you communicate often to bring your team together.  

Below is an overview of some of the duties you will be responsible for, as well as other important information you will need throughout the season. You can, and should, delegate some duties to other team parents. You may wish to ask for volunteers for various activities such as tournament planning, event/party planning, team treasurer, and someone to build and update your page on the web site. This will help bring everyone together and create team unity.  As a team manager, you are responsible to oversee any duties that you delegate.


The CSHYA web site has been updated for this season and is expected to be a very valuable tool that has various abilities to assist you with your duties.  To start with is this page that outlines roles and responsibilities for Team Managers.  The site also has sections for Coaches, On and Off-Ice Officials and some standards of play and conduct that you should be familiar with.  This site also has a Documents page that has various instructions and forms that may be needed during the season.  in addition, the site will contain information for other organizations to reference with regard to scheduling, tournaments, etc.

 Please become familiar with the CSYHA web site (specifically your team page):

Team Rosters

Work with the coaches to keep a team roster, including names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and parent’s names.

These should be distributed to all team parents as they are critical in the event the team needs to contact members for cancellation, last minute changes, etc.

Additionally, the coaches will work to ensure the USA Hockey rosters are updated by 31 December of each year and they may ask for assistance with some elements of this task.

USA T1 Hockey Rosters

This form will be provided to you by the CSYHA Registrar annually, and will contain most of the data that is required via the players registration event. The Team Manager and/or Coaching staff must ensure each player is on the roster and the information is correct.  When completed, return it to the Registrar following the instructions provided in the request. 

An official copy will be returned to you via PDF and should be kept in your manager’s book.  You will need to provide a copy of this form for any tournaments your team may enter.  

Team Ice/Game Scheduler

This person is in charge of scheduling and confirming all games and coordinating with the organizational scheduler on practices and other ice and locker room related tasks.


The Organizational Scheduler is responsible for scheduling all practices organization wide so activity related to practice scheduling is limited to working with this person to make sure they are aware if the team needs to cancel or work to reschedule a practice due to weather or game/tournament conflict.  

All cancellations should be reported as early as possible to the scheduler so that we are not wasting open ice time.  If your team has a mid-week game or tournament and will miss a practice contact the scheduler as soon as possible and request a practice move if possible - they will work with the IcePlex staff to try to accommodate your team.


Depending on if you are managing a house, travel or independent team some of your schedule may be completed for you.  Both the Snowbelt and Statebound teams have a set amount of season games that the league will assist in scheduling so some slots will be filled for you.  Independent teams are responsible for coordinating all of their events.

Early in the season the organization will provide you and your Coach a schedule for the season that shows your open ice slots for weekend games at home.  CSYHA works to provide equal home games for each team over the course of the season.

Once you have this you can begin to reach out to possible teams offering them game slots and asking for reciprocal ice at their rink.  

*NOTE: Early in the season it is important you work with the coach to determine organizations to contact as your goal is to schedule competitive teams to play and they tend to track organizations.  


For any game slots that you fill at the IcePlex you must email the Organizational Scheduler and let them know who is visiting in an open slot and request referees for the game.

*IMPORTANT: If the scheduler is not aware that we have filled a slot they WILL NOT scheduler referees and you will have NO officials for your game.


The scheduler should also confirm, with the opponent organization, all games that are scheduled either home or away at the start of the week before the game date. As most of your scheduling is done via email it is easiest to email the nest weekends teams Monday morning asking for confirmation of attendance.


For away tournament you will likely be at the mercy of the visiting organization who will provide you a game schedule.

For home tournaments it is recommended that you begin to invite teams as early in November as possible.  It is recommended that a few weeks of any league play be underway so you can judge competitive teams but remember tournaments can fill up quick so get invitations out early.  

It is recommended that you look to start scheduling actual tournament games 3-4 weeks prior to the tournament.  This will be dependent on the IcePlex's ability to provide a list of open ice slots.  Also, remember you will likely be sharing the tournament with another team so both teams will have to work together to schedule the slots for the weekend.


  • Communicate with the Coach throughout this entire process
  • Confirm and cancel practice schedules as necessary
  • Work around league games
  • Fill open slots with competitive teams
  • Confirm home games with organization scheduler to ensure officials are scheduled
  • Confirm games with opponents early each week for the coming weekend
  • Assist with Tournament schedules as needed

Request for Officials

If your team fills a home ice slot for a game you will need to have officials assigned to work the game.  To do this you must notify the Organization Scheduler and let them know the opponent that is coming and specifically state that you require officials.  This will request will be relayed to the CSYHA Head of Officials for scheduling.

All requests should be submitted as soon as you fill a slot and normally require at least a week to ensure we have officials at your game.  

If you have to cancel a game because an opposing team cancels can you are not going to use the ice slot notify the organization scheduler immediately letting them know of the cancellation and request they cancel the officials. 

Schedule Changes

If a schedule change occurs, please notify all parents. Do not assume that they have checked the web site and are aware of the change. It is a good idea to send a weekly e-mail reminder of the following weeks activities and this can be done via the team website if all parents have registered with the association via the webpage.  Contact the CSYHA WebMaster if you need assistance with team page management:

Game Day Responsibilities

It’s the home team’s responsibility to provide a scorekeeper, timekeeper and penalty box keeper.  How these volunteer slots are managed will be up to you and the coaching staff.  If you do send out weekly reminders of weekend activities it may be a good idea to remind parents that you will need volunteers for the coming weekend.  

Parents can get training, practice running the clock, and review score sheet instructions during a team practice if you have a trainer available.  

Score Sheets

Make sure you read the section on score sheets to be sure you understand the procedure if your team wins, loses or ties.


Fines can be assessed for any mistakes or any blank areas left on your score sheet within some league and state events. Individual teams will be responsible for the fines incurred by their team.


If you use labels for your team roster, be sure they are on every page of the score sheet.  

*NOTE: Snowbelt league games for Bantam and Midget teams CAN NOT use labels on official league games.

Submission of Game Sheets for League Games

The Home team is responsible for mailing the score sheet to league statistician after games for most leagues.  These normally must be mailed within 48 hours of the game. Refer to your league Guidebook(s) for the correct mailing address.  

For leagues that required online submission of statistics online contact the coach to determine who will be responsible for this activity and how to access the resource.


Help the coach with arranging and planning tournaments or appoint a tournament director.  It is best to have one person that does the hotel arrangements, provides the team with hotel information, a map of the local area and local attractions.  This person should work to arrange hotel block confirmations provide details on booking which includes check in/out times to each family.  

The person handling the tournament arrangements should provide the parents with the team game times, directions, game rules, etc.  Be sure your players bring both Home & Away jerseys.  Keep copies of the information sent in and received from the tournament for registration purposes.  Make sure you have copies of birth certificates, USA Hockey insurance cards, official team roster (stamped only) and any other information required by the tournament director with you at the tournament. 


Please refer to the CSYHA Fundraising Guidelines posted on the Fundraising page of the website.  You MUST adhere to these guidelines and must submit a form detailing each fundraiser to the Fundraising Coordinator.  All fundraisers will need to be approved. 

*NOTE: During the summer of 2015 the Fundraising program is being overhauled so please standby for up to date information on Fundraising policy and events. 

Team Picture Day

Picture Day is normally scheduled on a Monday and Tuesday in October of each season at the IcePlex.  The dates will be announced in the Fall of each season.  

Teams are normally asked to get individual pictures taken in the 30 minutes prior to your scheduled practice time allowing for a team picture to be taken just prior to getting on the ice.  

Please make sure your team is on time and ready to line up at your designated picture time.  Helmets are not required. 

Team Functions

Team functions can be a fun way to bring kids and families together as the year progresses.  Plan some team functions such as tournament activities, holiday, mid-year and year end parties. This helps bring the team together. 

Team Manager Binders

As a team manager you may, at times, be asked for different items through the season.  The following is a list of potential sections for a Team Manager Binder.  

Please note that some of these items are kept in online databases as well now (such as coaching items) and you may find that your paper copies become dated quickly.  Use your best judgement on what you need to keep paper copies of and what you are capable of access online.  

1.       The Consent to Treat form for all coaches, managers, and players

2.       The Code of Conduct for coaches, managers, players, and parents

3.       Coaches Information:

a.       USA Hockey Registration number

b.       Background Check for coaches and managers

c.       Coaches certificates

d.       Safe Sport for coaches and managers

4.       Official team roster from the organization registrar

5.       Game information for all games including game number and volunteer information

6.       Contact information for all other teams we play