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Codes of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

  • I will always be a good sport.
  • I will learn the rules of the game and play by them.
  • I will work hard to improve my skills.
  • I will be on time for practices and games.
  • I will respect my coaches, my teammates, my parents, my opponents and officials.
  • I will NEVER use objectionable/foul language or behavior that is detrimental to the game.
  • I will NEVER argue with an official’s decision.
  • I will NEVER argue with my coaches’ decisions or directions. 

CSYHA Coaches Conduct

Center State Youth Hockey coaches are expected to set positive role models of behavior for their players by adhering to the same rules of conduct as those outlined for parents above.

At no time is a CSYH coach to permit a player not registered with USA Hockey and CSYH to participate in a CSYH practice or game. Such conduct may result in an immediate suspension from coaching duties until a Board hearing is held on the matter. Further penalties may be assessed at that time. 

Coaches Code of Conduct

  • I will be a positive role model for my players, display emotional maturity and be alert to the physical safety of players.
  • I will always be sober and of sound judgment both on and off the ice when in the company of my players.
  • I will NEVER verbally or physically abuse a player or official.
  • I will NEVER use objectionable/foul language or behavior that is detrimental to the game.
  • I will be concerned with the overall development of our players and will stress good health habits and clean living.
  • I recognize that while winning is a consideration, it is not the most important consideration. I recognize that my players are involved in hockey for fun and enjoyment and I will care more about each individual child than about winning the game.
  • I will encourage all of my players to be team players and will stress the importance of cooperation.
  • I will listen to and recognize the personal needs and problems of my players, and will give all players the opportunity to improve their skills, gain confidence and develop self-esteem. I will be generous with praise when it is deserved, be consistent, honest, fair and just.
  • I will NOT humiliate my players either publicly or in private, but will provide criticism that is constructive and thoughtful.
  • I will organize practices that are fun and challenging for my players.
  • I will learn and study the rules, techniques and strategies of hockey so that I can be an effective coach.
  • I will learn to be an effective communicator with players, parents and officials.
  • I will maintain an open line of communication with my players' parents and will explain the goals and objectives of our organization at a mandatory preseason meeting with the parents.
  • I recognize that to play the game is great, to win the game is nice, but to love the game is the ultimate goal. 

Parent and Spectators Conduct

All parents and spectators must display good sportsmanship at all games and practices, regardless of whether a contest is won or lost, and regardless of how a game is officiated. As parents or guardians we must be positive in our attitudes toward the game of hockey and emphasize the cooperative nature of the game. Negative and rowdy behavior in or around the hockey rink reflects directly and poorly on the whole organization. We must foster good relationships between our players, the organization, the officials and our competitors. As parents, we must set positive examples for our children.

In accordance with USA Hockey's policy of ZERO TOLERANCE, the following actions are NOT acceptable:

  • Yelling at or threatening referees, opposing players or coaches before, during, or after games or practices.
  • Direct confrontations with coaches, parents or players.
  • Demonstrations of frustration or anger after a game loss.
  • Unnecessary or exaggerated celebration of a goal scored or a game won that would embarrass or demean the opposing team.
  • Any physical abuse of any other person.
  • Approaching the bench during a game situation unless summoned by a player or coach.

Disruptive or abusive spectators may be asked to leave a rink and compliance is expected. Such conduct may result in an immediate suspension from Center State Youth Hockey functions until a Board hearing is held on the matter. Further penalties may be assessed at that time. 

Parent Code of Conduct

  • I will remember that the CSYH program is first and foremost for the children.
  • I will NOT force my child to participate in hockey, but will support their desire to play.
  • I will do my very best to make hockey fun for my child.
  • I will place the emotional and physical well being of my child, his/her teammates, coach, and the opposing players, coaches, and families ahead of any personal desire to win.
  • I will be a positive role model for my child by demonstrating a positive attitude towards all players, coaches, and officials at every game, practice or other CSYH event.
  • I will emphasize skill development and how it will help my child. I will applaud a good effort in victory and in defeat and enforce the positive points of the game.
  • I will display good sportsmanship, encourage my child to play by the rules of hockey, and applaud good plays of both teams.
  • I will require that my child treat other players, coaches, fans, and officials with respect regardless of race, sex, creed or ability.
  • I will help to insure that my child plays in a safe and healthy environment.
  • I will comply with USA Hockey rules pertaining to a drug and alcohol-free playing environment for my child.
  • I will learn the rules of the game, and support the officials on and off the ice.
  • I recognize the importance of volunteer coaches and their impact on the development of my child and to the sport of hockey. I will be supportive of all coaches and will encourage my child to treat his or her coach with respect. If I have a question regarding a coach's decision or direction, I will speak with them after the game and away from the players.
  • I will NEVER enter the playing surface at any time without the coaches’ or officials’ permission.
  •  I will NEVER confront in anger or yell at a coach, official, player, spectator, or league official before, during or after any game.
  • I will NOT yell or abuse my child  I will NEVER call or contact an official about any infraction or for any reason relating to his officiating.
  • I will NEVER use objectionable/foul language or behavior that is detrimental to the game.
  • I will NOT taunt or disturb other fans, but will enjoy the game together.
  • I will NOT throw any items on the ice surface, nor will I lean over or pound on the glass.
  • As a parent I will ensure that all invited SPECTATORS are aware of the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Rule and all applicable Center State Youth Hockey Codes of Conduct pertaining to appropriate behavior at the ice rink.

CSYHA Administrator Conduct

Administrators of Center State Youth Hockey are responsible for promoting and enriching the program in any way possible, as well as communicating their goals and efforts to every player, parent, and coach in the organization. In their role as decision makers, administrators must make every effort to ensure that decisions are made in an unbiased, honest and fair manner. 

Administrators Code of Conduct

  • I will follow the rules and regulations of USA Hockey and Center State Youth Hockey to ensure that the organization’s philosophy and objectives are enhanced.
  • I will support programs that train and educate players, coaches, parents, officials and volunteers.
  • I will promote and publicize the CSYH program and seek financial support when possible.
  • I will communicate with parents by inviting them to all open board meetings as well as by being available to answer questions and address problems throughout the season.
  • I will work to promote programs that encompass fairness to the participants and promote fair play and sportsmanship.
  • I will make decisions regarding the program in an objective, unbiased and fair manner.
  • I will recruit volunteers, including coaches, who demonstrate qualities conducive to being role models to the youth in our sport.
  • I will encourage coaches and officials to attend USA Hockey clinics, and persuade your board members of the necessity for their training sessions.
  • I will make every possible attempt to provide everyone, at all skill levels, with a place to play.
  • I will read and be familiar with the contents of the USA Hockey Annual Guide and Rule Books.
  • I will develop other administrators to advance to positions in your association, perhaps even your own.