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Off-Ice Officiating

Off-Ice Officiating Home Games

One of the many volunteer opportunities you will have a Center State Youth Hockey will be serving as an off-ice official during your players games form time to time.  This may be serving as the score keeper, running the game clock or serving in a penalty box.   

Training is provided if you require it and the documents below outline the official rules for members in these positions.

General Scorekeeper Instructions

Prior to the Home Game

  • Enter the time for each period and whether run or stop time.
  • Enter the date the game is played.
  • Enter “Morrisville IcePlex" in the Rink field.
  • Enter the Age Classification of the team (Squirt, Pee Wee,  etc. or 10U, 12U, etc.).
  • Enter the game number if applicable (normally for league games).
  • Write "Center State" next to “Home” on the score sheet.
  • Write the visiting team next to “Visitor” on the score sheet.
  • Complete player names on the home team side of the sheet or affix stickers on all 3 pages of the score sheet.
    • Players should be listed in order alphabetically.
    • Check with your governing body for the acceptable use of stickers (Snowbelt now disallows the use of Stickers for Bantam and Midget league games)
  • Complete the coach information listing the head coach first. Score sheet must include the CEP#, level, and date the level expires.
  • All coaches must sign the score sheet prior to the game.
  • Give the score sheet to the visiting team manager to complete their player roster and coach information.
  • All coaches must sign the score sheet prior to the game.

During the Game


  • In the “Scoring Summary” section, when a goal is scored by either team, complete the following:
    • Per: the period during which the goal was scored
    • Time: Time on the clock when the goal was scored
    • Goal: The number of the player who scored the goal
    • Asst: The number(s) of the player(s) assisting on the goal (2 players max)


  • In the “Penalty Summary” section, when a penalty occurs for either team, complete the following:
    • Per: The period during which the penalty occurred Time Time on the clock when the penalty occurred
    • No#: The number of the player with the penalty
    • Infraction: Description of penalty – Interference, hold, high stick, rough, trip – as called by the referee
    • Length: Length of penalty in minutes
  • When a player receives a 2 & 10, it is listed on two lines;
    • one line as 2 minutes
    • the second line as 10 minutes

Shots on Goal
A shot on goal is defined as only those shots that will enter the goal if the
goaltender does not protect the goal. A shot which is deflected, batted away or otherwise prevented from entering the goal is a shot on goal only if that shot would have entered the goal had it not been for the goaltenders save. If that shot would not have entered the goal had the goaltender not interfered with the shot, it is not a shot on goal. Goals count as shots on goal. 

  • Each shot is documented on the score sheet by placing a slash through the numbers (1-36) on the bottom of the form.
  • The home team shots should be documented on the home team side of the form.
  • The visitor shots should be documented on the visitor side of the form.
  • A vertical line should be drawn on the form after the last shot of each period. This helps determine how many shots occurred for each period.

Between Periods

  • Summarize the goals scored for each period in the “Goal Summary” section at the bottom of the form.
  • Summarize the number of saves the goalie made per period in the “Goalie Saves” section at the bottom of the form.

After the Game

  • Total the number of minutes at the end of the game including overtime if applicable.
  • Total the number of goals scored and number of saves per period.
  • The Scorekeeper, Timekeeper, and Referees must print and sign their names in the designated field.
  • NO changes can be made to the score sheet once the referees have signed the sheet.

Distribute score sheets as follows:

  • White Copy – League
  • Yellow Copy - Home team
  • Pink Copy – Visiting team