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Organizational and General News Items

Off-Ice Officiating - Helping Out at Home Games

By Webmaster 11/09/2017, 1:30pm EST

Information on working the Clock, Score Sheet, and Penalty Box(s)

One of the many things that we ask parents to do throughout the hockey season to get involved is to help during home games between the benches.  Normally this is working a door for the penalty box, working the game clock or the score sheet.  Although this is thought of with apprehension most find it rewarding giving them a front row seat for the game and an opportunity to get involved directly and learn more about the game.

In this capacity please be aware that you will be considered a off-ice official and part of the officiating team.  This said, you will have to help the on-ice officials and you will be asked to help them with aspects of the game.

NOTE: Any harassment or disruptive behavior in the area around the off-ice officials (penalty boxes and from the players benches) will NOT be tolerated.  Any incidents should be reported at the next stoppage of play to the referee team and they have the ability to deal with this type of activity.

CSYHA has a page specifically to get information to its members on off-ice officiating and it has documents that help members work the clock, keep score, and even has a copy of the playing rules and guidelines for off-ice officials.  This data can be found at the following page:

 Thank you for your continued commitment to our teams and support of CSYHA!

Team Apparel Store Now Open

By Webmaster 11/07/2017, 2:15pm EST

Shop Now for Holiday Gifts for Your Player

Please visit the online store for CSYHA.  There are a number of items for Men, Women, Kids and some extra stuff in various color options and all sporting one of a few CSYHA logo and designs.

MITE Team Sites up With 2017-2018 Rosters

By Webmaster 10/27/2017, 1:30pm EDT

Ensure you follow your favorite team on the SportsEngine phone app!

The MITE rosters have been posted to their respective pages for the 2017-2018 season.  We hope you have a full season filled with fun, skill development and opportunities to excel in teamwork.  

Best of luck to all of our MITE teams!

Colgate Concession Slots Open in DIBS

By WebMaster 08/23/2017, 7:00am EDT

Sign up now for Concessions Volunteer Slots

The DIBS area on the website is not populated and open for registration for families to work Concessions slots at Colgate Hockey games.

Games start in September and slots are expected to go quick so please visit the site and register for your slots. 


USAH Rule Change Year for Season 2017-2018

By Webmaster 06/20/2017, 9:15am EDT

Icing Rule In Effect for Shorthanded Teams - 14U and Below

As the 2017-2018 season is a rule-change year for USA Hockey you can expect a new rule book to be published in the coming weeks.  PDF copies of the rule books and changes will be published to the website and they typically also offer video examples of more significant rule changes for educational purposes.

One significant change, outlined in the article enitled "Modified Shorthanded Icing Rule Delivers More Skill Development" announces the elimination of the waiving of icing for 14U and below teams when playing a man down (Penalty Kill).  In past years icing the puck was allowed if your team was shorthanded but in an effort to force the creation of skill and creativity this change was made.

For more information on rule changes visit the website and check under the officials drop down for the Rules and Resources section to see details.




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